The Cubot Kingkong 9 features a small screen that allows users to choose preferred watch faces and customize their own favorite patterns. If you want to set a photo on the mini screen using the provided path "Setting - Mini screen - Subscreen setting - Choose photo," you can follow these general steps:

Access Settings:

Open the "Settings" app on your Cubot Kingkong 9.

Subscreen Setting:

Once you are in the "Mini screen" or "Subscreen" settings, there should be an option for "Subscreen setting." Select or tap on this option.

Choose Photo:

Within the "Subscreen setting," look for an option related to choosing a photo. It might be labeled as "Choose photo," "Set photo," or something similar.

Select a Photo:

Tap on the "Choose photo" option, and it should open your device's gallery or file browser.

Pick the Desired Photo:

Browse through your gallery or files and select the photo you want to set as the background for the mini screen.

Once you are satisfied with the selected photo and any adjustments, look for an "Apply" or "Save" button to confirm your changes.